Welcome to Westover Alabama.

Come enjoy all Westover has to offer, Fresh air, Beautiful nature, Healthy life styles and Opportunities.

a small town with Big Vision.

Council Chambers
City hall
Westover horses grazing
Westover horses grazing
Westover day in the park

Call if the train is blocking the tracks at Hwy 55 for more than 30 minutes.


Find out the latest happenings in Westover below.

WESTOVER is growing.

Westover is about to see some new Subdivisions move in, so the Sewer is being extended, there’s a lot of room for growth in this city! Click on the Link below to learn more from Read more…

Waterlines Update

We got an update from both the contractor installing the new 6″ water line along Old 280/51, and the county engineering group that this project is about a year in duration and that testing of Read more…

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Find us at the City Hall

3312 Westover Road
Westover, AL 35147

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Phone: (205) 678-3375

Please dial extension
-(1) for Clerk’s Office
-(2) for Mayor Larry Riggins
-(3) for Library
-(4) for Fire Chief
-(5) for Fire Department
-(6) for Planning and Zoning Services
-(8) for Building Inspector/ Permits
-(9) for Fire Marshall

Hours Mon - Fri, 8:00 AM-2:00 PM

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