• Annexation to cover service costs for Westover residents using City services: As more and more residential areas develop within Westover, these residents begin to use the City’s streets, parks and other facilities without paying for these services. Annexation brings the added revenue to help cover these service cost.  City census counts also underlie most statistics used by the federal government to allocate federal funds.  Each year around $300 billion in federal funds is allocated based on the census counts.  The City of Westover would be allotted more federal funds to provide more and better services for our residents if our city population increases.  The next census is just right around the corner. If you live in Westover, why not annex? You can help the City in our efforts to provide even better streets, parks, and other facilities in Westover.  This is a great way you can help at no cost to you!
  • Annexation to assert zoning or other regulatory control: Annexation brings territory into the full regulatory authority of a city.  While the law provides cities with limited regulatory authority within its extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ), annexation into a city allows application of full land use controls and development standards. This additional control allows the City to implement the City of Westover Comprehensive Plan. The City of Westover has its own building inspectors and issues its own permits. Many have found this to be a great benefit to the City.
  • Annexation to protect the public health & safety: Cities initiate annexation to provide urbanizing areas with municipal services and to exercise the regulatory authority necessary to protect public health and safety.  The City of Westover provides free fire protection for all of our residents within the city limits and contracts with Shelby County for deputies to patrol the City.  We also have our Public Safety Patrol who provide a very useful “neighborhood watch”.
  • Avoid being annexed by a neighboring city, choose Westover good things are in the works

  • It helps the city of Westover by providing areas for future growth and secures tax base, revenue sources

    Click here to download the form for Annexation into the City of Westover.