Permits FAQ


Do I need a permit?

A permit is required for all new construction, including remodeling, additions, alterations, deck construction, re-roofing, irrigation systems, plumbing, gas, heating and cooling and electrical work. A permit is needed for all types of commercial projects or demolition to any structures.  Demolition of a structure requires a permit. Other activity may require a permit.

Be sure to contact the city if you have questions or need further information.

What are the City of Westover codes dealing with buildings, construction, and related activities?

For a full list of codes used by the City of Westover, please see the Forms and Documents page.

Businesses working and delivering to the city are required to have a business license before conducting business. Businesses operating in the Police Jurisdiction are required to have a business license, although the fee is reduced.

Is there a penalty for working without a permit?

The penalty for doing work without a permit is a doubling of the permit fee.

Do I need a permit to install a fence?

No permit is required to install a fence, under 6 feet in height. Zoning requirements, however, do apply, and all installations are required to meet the current City of Westover Zoning Ordinance.

Do I need a permit to install a deck?

Yes, except: Decks not exceeding 200 square feet in area, that are not more than 30 inches above grade at any point, are not attached to a dwelling and do not serve the exit door required by Section R311.4 in the 2009 IRC.

Zoning requirements, however, always apply. Approval is needed before work begins.  Zoning verification is required to meet the current City of Westover Zoning Ordinance.

Is a contractor required to be certified by the contractor’s board to do commercial construction?

Yes, this is a state law.

How long does it take to obtain a building permit?

Generally, it takes a few days to clear zoning verification, plan review and recording before a permit is issued.

What can delay the issuance of a permit?

The most common reasons for delays are incomplete paperwork, lack of required documents, or unlicensed contractors.

What is required for renovation or remodeling?

Residential renovations require permits and business licenses.

For room additions, we will need two sets of plans with detail sheets included.

A plot plan is required to verify setback requirements for additions, and decks.

Commercial renovations require 3 sets of plans, and the completed permit application packet.

Can I do my own work?

It depends; Homeowners can do much of their own work. More information is available from the Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board, and this warning from the Better Business Bureau.

What costs are involved in the permit?

The basic fee is .065% of the valuation. The minimum fee is $50.

Non-Residential construction requires the collection of the Construction Industry Craft Training Fee which is added to the application fee at the rate of $1 per $1000.

What is the process for obtaining an inspection?

Inspections can be best scheduled by emailing a request to, or calling 205.678.3375 Ext. 8. Inspections are available 9-3, M-F.

Inspections generally require 24 hours notice.

Please include a contact phone number and state when you would like the inspection.

Please do not schedule inspections before the site is ready; There is a progressive re-inspection fee schedule levied upon inspections that are not ready or do not pass.

How many sets of plans are required for construction?

Three sets of complete drawings are required for new construction.

For room additions generally need two sets of plans with detail sheets included.

A plot plan to verify setback requirements is also required.

Three sets of complete, stamped and signed, full-size drawings and a pdf are needed for commercial construction.

A plot plan so that the setbacks can be verified. Also required is a plot plan with erosion control

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