Rail Safety Week

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CALL 1-800-232-0144
If CSX is blocking the train track on Hwy 55 for more than 30 min

Rail Safety Week for 2021 was very informative have a look. . .


We even got our names from the train stop, but sometimes the train doesn’t work as perfect as we’d all like it too so call the number above if the train blocks the tracks crossing.

County Rd. 51 X-ing is 639416J ANJ940.33

Let them know the X-ing is CSX

County Rd. 55 X-ing is 639415C ANJ938.90

County Rd. 51 X-ing is 639416J ANJ940.33

Our own City Council Susan Lane helped to teach Rail Safety at Vincent High school. . .

For more information on Track Safety go to: seetracksthinktrain.org

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